Many years ago I was a mother of two crazy kids and was 8 months pregnant with my third child. My husband was headed to Afghanistan for a year long tour and I was staying home to hold down the fort. Having a deployed husband was very difficult. I am fully aware that being deployed is a challenge in itself but I can't be the one to share that perspective. I was constantly worrying about my husband, weather or not he was alive, and trying to keep it all together so our children would not worry even further. I tried to remember that no news was good news because they typically notify the family within 24 hours if there is any accident.  I feared each time the doorbell rang it would be the visitors in blue telling me there had been a casualty. Altho...

Well Hello There!!!

I'm Angie, a mother of four, a wife, an artist, a yogi and a forever student.

As a mother and wife I'll say that my family is amazing. There are many many days where I don't agree with that because they all make me crazy, but they are all incredible despite their combined mission to torture me with their whininess. I have very bright beautiful children and they couldn't be more different from one another. Even though I want to sit in my room with a pillow over my head to drown the sound of sibling rivalry, I muster up the energy each day to get out and fight for my kids future. The struggle of a parent is real. I am pretty sure that there is no job in this world that is so demanding or so rewarding. That said, being a mot...

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Building a strong foundation is the best way to enjoy what the rest of your life has to offer. 

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