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This company was created with the intent to guide people toward improving their lives. The initial inspiration was the hope of supporting many military members and their families around the globe through deployment, physical injury, emotional trauma and most of all friendship. We recognize the importance for community support everywhere, not just in the military.  It takes a village to accomplish true lasting change in this world, but that change starts with our own personal growth and action. We commit to provide you with the most effective and proven yogic tools to rebuild your foundation, maintain satiety and be your best self. Join us! Come work hard, sweat, challenge yourself and leave feeling stronger, more confident, centered, accomplished and connected. See and feel the results as you create your concrete foundation. 



Deanna Smith
Angela Moore

Deanna's yoga journey began in 2002 after undergoing physical therapy treatment for a herniated disc. After trying yoga to alleviate the pain, Deanna soon fell in love with the practice. Not only was there no more back pain but surgery was no longer necessary. Deanna went through teacher training in 2003 and has been teaching ever since with a growing passion for yoga. Deanna enjoys a power yoga practice and also teaches prenatal yoga and mommy and baby yoga.

Deanna has many certifications and is currently furthering her education within the Yoga Alliance. 

When not on the mat Deanna loves spending time with her husband and two mini yogis in training.

Angela is the Founder and Owner of Concrete Yoga. She has been a dedicated practitioner for over 14 years.

While raising her four children away from home with their father overseas, Angela 

received her 200 HR RYT 

certification. She has been teaching across the United States and Europe over the last 8 years and has been working with Military Soldiers and community members who have experienced mental, emotional and physical trauma, as well as children, seniors and professional athletes. Angie's goal is to give people a place to fit in and  promote enjoyably challenging practices that decrease injury and promote wellness. Angie's strength lies in the love that she has for her clients. Her desire to connect on a deeper level with each student has created a unique opportunity for many of her private clients to expand their practice in a safe space and have plenty of room for growth. 

Angie is currently finishing her training as a 1000 HR Certified 

International Yoga Therapist through the IAYT. She has specialized training in Trauma & Somatic Therapy, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Addiction & Recovery and Pregnancy & Infant Loss through the Institute of Birth, Breath & Death. 

Melissa George

In 2008, while serving in the USAF, Melissa found practicing yoga relieved her knee pain through the strengthening and stretching. She noticed many movements were similar to those in her physical therapy sessions, but with added benefits of gaining flexibility, balance, and peace of mind. After separating from the military, having two kids and four moves across the country, yoga continued to be a big part of her life. Having been an avid yoga student for ten years, with a plethora of diverse instructors and styles, she began her own journey as a yoga instructor. Melissa earned her RYT 200 certification and immediately dove into teaching. Her practice styles are mainly flow and power however she enjoys teaching school age children, beginner students and gentle yoga classes. She loves to introduce people to yoga and make new yogi lovers in the world!

Ana Bruton
Want to become a teacher at CONCRETE YOGA? 
Kristy Dougherty

Kristy Dougherty, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor. Kristy's yoga journey began is 2000. She started by attending aqua and prenatal yoga classes. It didn't take her long to fall in love with the rhythm of the breath and movements. After her first son was born, she continued going to yoga and pilates classes to help relieve back pain and work stress. She changed from the inside out. In 2011, she began teaching her friends and family at the local gym. In November 2015 she began her RYT teacher training at Total Harmony Yoga. Kristy's style of teaching is heavily influenced by incorporating the strength of pilates with the flow of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga; combining the mind, body and spirit. Her classes are designed to challenge, strengthen, and inspire the student. 

Haley Morrone

Suffering from low back pain for over 12 years, Haley tried everything to alleviate the pain. Later she was diagnosed with a herniated disc.  In 2014, Haley began CrossFit to help her lose weight and after losing about 30 pounds, her symptoms did no improve. Her coach encouraged her to try yoga. What began as a way to alleviate pain, quickly developed into a way to relieve stress; her husband’s second deployment, an autism diagnosis for her oldest son & sinus surgery for her youngest son; all while living in Germany, away from family.  Yoga changed her life in every way, from healing past trauma to lowering her blood pressure.  Haley doesn’t only have a passion for the overall health benefits of yoga, but in teaching and encouraging others to better their own health and wellness.  Haley has lost 70 pounds (so far), is a RYT 200 and has been teaching since 2015, a Level 1 CrossFit trainer and holds a BS in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  She is currently her Power RYT 300 Teacher Training.  

Irene Maher

Ana began her yoga journey 15 years ago in attempt to complement her lifestyle as a young, competitive swimmer. Originally, Ana practiced yoga to strengthen over-used joints, to gain attention and focus more precisely, however, it quickly became so much more. This journey with yoga took Ana all the way through college, as a Division-I, national swimmer, allowing her to compete at the highest levels of athletics while remaining focused and calm. After college, Ana’s yoga practice kept her driven and balanced during the rigors of graduate school. Ana completed Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at Core Power Yoga in San Diego, CA. Ana’s teaching style focuses on a strong flow, moving with the breath, balancing, strengthening…ohhh, and amazing music! Ana’s main goal as an instructor is to guide individuals in their own journey, while encouraging mindful movement. Come flow, sweat, breathe, and balance with Ana!

We would love to grow our staff and add more to our team. Please send us an email to info@concrete-yoga.com with your resume and teaching certificate..... Don't have a certification? email us about our upcoming TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM. 

Irene's foundation in wellness began in 1977. Her journey with yoga sprouted twenty years ago as a rehabilitation effort to reduce physical pain brought on by the challenges and stresses of life. Today, iRene’s yoga journey extends beyond asana practice to include iRest/Yoga Nidra. As a daily practitioner of iRest, this guided mindful meditative practice serves as a momentary “PAUSE” in the mist of challenges. Activating a shift from the fight or flight reactive response to stress toward healthier proactive responses fostering kindness and compassion while awakening insight to the most perfect resolution to a difficult situation. iRene holds a B.S. in Community Health Education, LPC, RYT 200 and iRest Level II Teacher-In-Training. Her hearts desire is to increase awareness of the healthful benefits of Yoga and how regular practice nurtures and restores personal concrete foundations in wellness.


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