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This company was created with the intent to guide people toward improving their lives. The initial inspiration was the hope of supporting many military members and their families around the globe through deployment, physical injury, emotional trauma and most of all friendship. We recognize the importance for community support everywhere, not just in the military.  It takes a village to accomplish true lasting change in this world, but that change starts with our own personal growth and action. We commit to provide you with the most effective and proven yogic tools to rebuild your foundation, maintain satiety and be your best self. Join us! Come work hard, sweat, challenge yourself and leave feeling stronger, more confident, centered, accomplished and connected. See and feel the results as you create your concrete foundation. 



Want to become a teacher at CONCRETE YOGA? 
Jennifer Hartman
Aimee Frost

Margie has a passion for peace. Her love of yoga began 17 years ago, back in her home town of St Louis, MO.  After beginning a family, her practice became a valuable tool in managing stress. As her family grew, her practice grew from twice weekly to daily. As a mother of four she was empowered by the peace, energy and physical strength her yoga practice brought to her life and wanted to share that with her children and her community. She was inspired by  Briohny Smyth, Gina Caputo, Beth Shaw, Dharma Mitra as well as countless yogis in her community. After completing her first teacher training she was hooked, and began a quest for more knowledge. Margie is a 500 HR RYT. Her classes bring mindfulness, movement and classic alignment into creative harmony, encouraging playfulness and optional challenges to make yoga fun for all levels. 

Margie Sanders
Anica DeHart

Anica started her yoga journey 10 years ago after the birth of her second child. As a runner, she found

that adding yoga and weight training brought balance to her routine. She gravitated towards yoga especially because she found that practicing it gave her an opportunity to focus on mental as well as

physical health. After practicing for many years, Anica desired to learn more and share her practice by

becoming a teacher. While stationed overseas, Anica had the opportunity to complete her 200 HR CYT

 by attending trainings in Italy and Germany. She had the opportunity to bring Yoga to a military community in Germany where it was previously unavailable. Anica is excited to become a part of the Concrete Yoga community and looks forward to learning and growing as a teacher here!

Meg McCarty

Meg has been practicing yoga for 16 years and recently decided to share her practice and love of yoga by completing her RYT 200 vinyasa training in 2020.  She uses her own experiences with yoga as a means of coping with injury and anxiety to influence her teaching and help her students live their best lives, too. New to Texas, Meg moved to the San Antonio area from Tampa, Florida. She is excited to grow as a teacher with her new Texas yoga family. 

When she’s not teaching, Meg spends time with her spouse, two children, and their 2 lazy cats, and travels as much as possible! She loves experiencing new cultures and ways of life, and she brings her experiences from traveling to her classes to create a universal, enlightening, and accessible practice for her students.

Jennifer Hartman

Jennifer began her yoga journey nearly a decadede ago. She has had a passion for yoga that stemmed from her desire for pain reduction years ago. Jennifer is currently a RYT 200 and is working toward her 500 Hour certification through UNBOUND Collective. Jennifer loves to share yoga with everyone and appreciates that the practice can be adapted to any body. Jennifer's focus is based on stability, alignment and safety.   

Kaye House-Agar

Wife, mother, grandmother, yoga teacher, Tai Chi instructor, athlete — Kaye is passionate about health, fitness, and lifelong learning. 

A 2016 Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis inspired Kaye as a longtime cyclist and runner to go deeper with her yoga practice and focus on nutrition in an effort to combat the disease.

On the heels of her KRI-Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor course at Yoga Yoga Austin in 2018, she completed her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Ayurveda Teacher Training from Loka Studio in Bracken, Texas in March 2019 and her iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 training in May 2019.

An activity director in senior care by day, her Hatha Yoga teaching style ranges from chair yoga to a flowing yoga class depending on the needs of students.

She and her husband enjoy cuddling with their four dogs, travel, cycling, hiking, and working together in the family beekeeping business.

Angela Moore

Angie is the Founder and Owner of Concrete Yoga. She has been a dedicated practitioner for over 14 years.

She is a mother of 4 crazy kids and feels that her yoga practice is what has gotten her through motherhood, trauma and life's battles. Angela is a Certified Yoga Therapist through IAYT and is specialized in, Power Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Pregnancy & Infant Loss through the Institute of Birth, Breath & Death, Addiction & Recovery as well as Trauma Sensitive Yoga.  She has taught throughout the United States and Europe and has been working with Military Soldiers and community members who have experienced mental, emotional and physical trauma, as well as children, seniors and professional athletes. Angie's goal is to give people a place to belong and  promote enjoyably challenging practices that decrease physical and emotional injury, promoting wellness. Angie's strength lies in the love that she has for her clients. Her desire to connect on a deeper level with each student has created a unique opportunity for many of her private clients to expand their practice in a protected space.

Angela is also a Lead in Concrete Yoga's Teacher Training Program,


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Ana McIntosh

Ana is a Brazilian Yogi, the wife of an Air Force warrior and mother of a precious little girl. At only 12 years old she was introduced to Reiki, which helped her through many difficulties in her life. Ana is Reiki 1 and 2 certified. In 2016, she received her Master Certificate in Hawaii. Ana received her Masters in Logistics however, after working in a closed office for a couple years, she decided to explore the World. In 2014 she went to Indonesia and that was the first place that brought Yoga deeply into her life. She continued her journey in Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Hawaii. In Virginia Ana obtained her 200 hour CYT and then in Oct. 2018 she received her KAY (Kidding Around Yoga) certification to be able to work with children from 3-12 years old. Ana furthered her education and is now a 500 RYT. Her calling is teaching and sharing the benefits of energy healing through yoga and sound healing. Ana believes in sharing the light that has impacted her with everyone she encounters.

Sierra Cloyd

Sierra was taught breath work and meditation from her mother growing up. With that core foundation and her love for stretching she was drawn to yoga in 2012. She started her yoga journey in Tucson, AZ. In 2017 she decided to leave the nest and travel the east coast. This

brought her to Charlotte, NC. While she worked and traveled she continued to practice yoga. In

2018 she was eager to dive deeper into yoga and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher

training. New to San Antonio she is excited to share her training and passion for yoga while

embracing her next chapter in life.

Anaya Crow

Anaya first discovered the physical practice of yoga asana 12 years ago, but in 2015 while living in a yoga intentional community on the Big Island, she learned that yoga is so much more than the postures we practice on our mats. She learned about and participated in karma yoga - yoga
of action, bhakti yoga - yoga of devotion, and jnana yoga - yoga of knowledge. Then, in 2017, she read the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. This is where she
learned that trauma is stored in the cells of the body, and the practice of yoga is an incredible
modality for releasing that stored trauma. Upon learning this, in 2018, Anaya completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with an Ashtanga base that emphasizes alignment and spent the next year mentoring under a senior yoga instructor. She then completed her 300 hour yoga teacher training in 2019, with an emphasis on specialized yogic management to address health imbalances of an individual. Shortly after becoming a 500 RYT, Anaya received her trauma informed yoga certification. It has always been her passion to help people through their recovery
from emotional trauma and C/PTSD. She is also a certified Recovery Support Specialist. Yoga has been instrumental in her own process of recovery and it feels it has helped her to be a better mother, wife, and overall human being. Anaya is humbled and honored to serve others along their journey, too.

Rachel Taylor

Gaining her 200 RYT in BUTI Yoga, Rachel is driven to find fun and creative ways to share wellness. Her classes are always full of energy and focus on empowerment from within.

She has been serving the community as a Chiropractor and offers special workshops for alignment support right here at Concrete Yoga.  

Teaching Yoga + Yoga Teacher Training

We would love to grow our staff and add more to our team. Please send an email to info@concrete-yoga.com with your resume and teaching certificate..... Don't have a certification? email us about our 200 & 300 hour TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMS. 

Kristy Dougherty, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor. Kristy's yoga journey began in 2000. She started by attending aqua and prenatal yoga classes. It didn't take her long to fall in love with the rhythm of breath and movement. After her first son was born, she continued going to yoga and pilates classes to help relieve back pain and work related stressors. She changed from the inside out. In 2011, she began teaching her friends and family at the local gym and her home studio. In 2017 she joined the Concrete Yoga Crew. Most recently she was certified as a Level 1 Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor. Kristy's style of teaching is heavily influenced by incorporating the strength of pilates with the flow of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga; combining the mind, body and spirit. Her classes are designed to challenge, strengthen, and inspire the student while having a large focus on building unity in the yoga community.

Lauren Mason

Lauren has over 10 years of experience teaching dance and yoga, and has been teaching continuing education and teacher training programs since 2015. She draws on her background in education, theatre, and dance to create and teach programs that are comprehensive, unique, and inclusive. Lauren is a registered experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance and a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Morgan Rand

Morgan began practicing yoga in 2008 as a form of self-care. She received her 200-Hour RYT certification in 2012-2013, and has since then taught at various fitness, wellness, and yoga studios around the greater San Antonio and New Braunfels areas. Morgan is skilled in teaching hatha, vinyasa, power, restorative, gentle, and other forms of yoga. She has experience working with athletes focused in both strength and marathon conditioning. She has assisted practitioners using yoga for weight loss, flexibility, peacefulness, and advancing their practice. She has a method that compliments many body types, skill levels, and interest variations. Her personal practice has ranged from the full ashtanga primary series to, at times, meditation only. She is currently in pursuit of her 500-hr RYT certification through Unbound Collective. In addition to her passion for sharing yoga with others, Morgan works in a professional setting and holds a Bachelors of Arts in English and a Masters of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication. She is a dedicated member of the greater San Antonio community and is an advocate for non-profits supporting education, children, and wellness. Beyond all else, she is a devoted wife and mother to two children and two fur babies.


Deanna Smith

Deanna's yoga journey began in 2002 after undergoing physical therapy treatment for a herniated disc. After trying yoga to alleviate the pain, Deanna soon fell in love with the practice. Not only was her back pain gone but surgery was no longer necessary. Deanna went through teacher training in 2003 and has been teaching ever since with a growing passion for yoga. Deanna enjoys a power yoga practice and also teaches prenatal yoga and mommy and baby yoga.

Deanna has many certifications and is currently furthering her education within the Yoga Alliance. 

When not on the mat Deanna loves spending time with her husband and two mini yogis in training.

Haley Morrone

Suffering from low back pain for over 12 years, Haley tried everything to alleviate the pain. Later she was diagnosed with a herniated disc.  In 2014, Haley began CrossFit to help her lose weight and after losing about 30 pounds, her symptoms did not improve. Her coach encouraged her to try yoga. What began as a way to alleviate pain, quickly developed into a way to relieve stress; her husband’s second deployment, an autism diagnosis for her oldest son & sinus surgery for her youngest son; all while living in Germany, away from family.  Yoga changed her life in every way, from healing past trauma to lowering her blood pressure.  Haley doesn’t only have a passion for the overall health benefits of yoga, but in teaching and encouraging others to better their own health and wellness.  Haley has lost 80 pounds (so far), is a RYT 500 and has been teaching since 2015, a Level 1 CrossFit trainer and holds a BS in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  


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Kristy Dougherty