Me & My Crew

Well Hello There!!!

I'm Angie, a mother of four, a wife, an artist, a yogi and a forever student.

As a mother and wife I'll say that my family is amazing. There are many many days where I don't agree with that because they all make me crazy, but they are all incredible despite their combined mission to torture me with their whininess. I have very bright beautiful children and they couldn't be more different from one another. Even though I want to sit in my room with a pillow over my head to drown the sound of sibling rivalry, I muster up the energy each day to get out and fight for my kids future. The struggle of a parent is real. I am pretty sure that there is no job in this world that is so demanding or so rewarding. That said, being a mother no matter how wonderful has not been the cut off for me. It hasn't been enough to just be a mom. That may sound terrible but my contribution to this world is not just raising my children. I feel that it is important for me to contribute outside of motherhood and show my children that there is a huge responsibility to do something you enjoy and something that gives to and improves your community. I have felt like my purpose in life is to assist others in the fight, because living is something worth fighting for.

In 2007 I attended Weber State University. I was going back to school to finish my degree. I knew I wanted to finish but felt that I had to for my children. I was accepted into the Bachelors of Fine Arts program and studied many art forms, later to declare emphasis in photography. My whole life I had been influenced by art. My mother and grandfather were professional artists so I was always inspired to be as creative as my mind would allow. The beauty of the program at WSU was that it was so conceptual. I was pushed to make art that impacted people. I was able to create dialogue with viewers and share real experiences that moved onlookers. I could tug at someones emotions and make them feel what I felt or discover something within them that needed attention. I found that my voice was powerful and impactful and finally understood the importance of getting down to the dirt and excavating the pieces of ourselves that need polishing. This process as an artist was fulfilling and I knew that I wanted to offer this experience over and over but felt that I needed to reach people through other means as well.

As the oldest child I developed a tendency to lead, to be in charge and to feel the need to teach. Although this has not served me in all areas of my life, it has been a guiding force for me to develop relationships with people and to not fear the outcome of genuine effort. I have been sharing yoga since 2007 when I took my first official instructed class in college. When I discovered what I call "the magic of yoga" I had to share it. I love to share! It is one of my favorite things. I share what I think and what I feel and what I know in every possible way. During my life I have gone through so many difficult times. My light and the end of each narrow and dark tunnel has been that my struggles are an opportunity for personal growth and in turn can be shareable and can be a vehicle to connect with others in a very real way. Sharing my reality has brought me to connect with people on a level deeper than I ever imagined possible. I have been able to touch peoples lives by being vulnerable.

Over the last decade I have been teaching art classes and yoga. Although these areas may seem polar, to me they are parallel. The joy that it brings me as an instructor to assist in that process of change and awakening is immeasurable. There is a different reward that is felt when you help a someone overcome an obstacle and that is something that I want to be a part of. As a teacher and yoga instructor it has been incredible to connect with my students. I have been able to create relationships through teaching that are deeply rooted. Vulnerability has allowed me to be attentive and cater to my students, giving them a very individual experience even in a group setting. My experience as a wife, mother and student has benefited my ability to be understanding and compassionate, to empathize and support progression and to move closer to my dream of improving my community.